Kolmé is above all an encounter. The encounter between a piece, chosen regardless of its original style, and the desire of a brand to transform neglected basics into unique and trendy pieces.

Embracing a desire for timelessness, Kolmé relies on minimalist and sophisticated design, enhancing the functional and sleek aspect inherent in its Scandinavian inspirations.

These creations exist as unique pieces, made for you and only you.

Kolmé is the intermediary between the past and the future of the garment.

Why Kolmé ?

Kolme  translation of the adjective numeral 3 in Finnish.

The garment's third encounter with its future owner — The garment is produced industrially and then purchased by its first owner – They either donate or resell it. The garment then arrives at KOLMÉ, its second owner – We transform it so that it doesn't fall into oblivion and can find a third owner who will give it a new life.

We believe that fashion should not be a source of ecological disaster and human misery. Because fashion should be joyful, we decided to create Kolmé to continue having fun with fashion while respecting the planet and its inhabitants as much as possible. All our raw materials come from second-hand clothes and fabrics. Our production is handcrafted in our Parisian workshop, and it's done in very small quantities.

Upcycling is above all about showcasing craftsmanship. All our creations are made from existing garments that we revalue so they can continue to fulfill their primary purpose: being worn. We retrieve them, disassemble them, and adapt our creations based on the quantity of available fabric, with a focus on maximum optimization. Our goal is to design our creations by reusing the entirety of the recovered raw materials.

This technique requires creativity, great finesse, and unparalleled attention to detail. Our seamstresses and tailors take special care of the garments, preserving, repairing, and transforming them while maintaining their original identity.